News (November 2016):
The HCI group is currently opening five positions:
  • One year post-doctoral position
    Cognitive Science; Model of Performance; User behavior; gesture-based interaction; Optimization
  • From one to two years post-doctoral position
    HCI and surgical robotics
  • Phd position (starting October 2017)
    HCI; Cognitive Science; Model of Performance; User behavior
  • Master internship 1
    HCI; Model of Performance; gesture-based interaction
  • Master internship 2
    HCI; Cognitive Science

We are accepting applications for (1) Research assistants, (2) Internships, (3) Master thesis, (4) Post-docs in the area of Human-Computer Interaction (HCI) and Cognitive science. Topics can include: When you apply, please send me an e-mail including: